POWHSWAP has been announced!

WARNING: Only invest what you’re prepared to lose. While the contract’s liquidity is rug-proof, these mathematical experiments inherently carry as great a risk to your funds as they do the potential for profits. For this reason, it’s advisable to only use amounts you’re comfortable with losing. This is an entertainment platform, not an investment platform.

Are you not entertained?

POWHSWAP is an experimental, next-generation DEX-themed hourglass contract that utilizes bonding curve price mathematics. A bonding curve denotes the relationship between the contract’s reserve currency, Ether, and the POWHSWAP tokens backed by it. POWHSWAP tokens are minted upon purchase, causing the price and total supply to increase as Ether enters the contract. When sold, tokens are burned, providing the original owner with the Ether corresponding to their token amount and value, reducing the price and removing Ether from liquidity.

Due to this, POWHSWAP tokens have decentralized, trustless and instant liquidity down to the very last token.

The contract contains fees that are deducted and distributed among holders for each interaction with the contract. This is a source of frictionless dividends, where Ether can be earned for doing absolutely nothing. There are two ways to play: you can hold your tokens and accumulate dividends from all participants, or try to swing trade. As both the buy and sell functions deduct a 10% fee, the potential profitability of swing trading is greatly dependent on movements large enough to mitigate the cost of interacting too frequently.

When you enter, assuming none enter immediately prior to or following you, you will immediately be 10% below your principal. If you were to immediately exit, you would incur another 10% penalty and suffer a total loss of 20%. Unless you’re trying to avoid a greater impact to your principal by price depreciation, it is inadvisable to enter and exit right away.

The ideal: a steadily rising floor that builds ground through social contract between holders.

The reality: a high-risk, high-reward, emotionally-charged rollercoaster built especially for the degenerates of decentralized finance.

https://powhswap.org/ — Website
https://discord.com/invite/dPbvzHHxHB — Discord



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